About The SilverLeaf

The SilverLeaf is an interesting little shop where you may come to own many unique, spiritual, healing and artful treasures. Take your time browsing, most of our customers do. We take great pride in what we do and what we sell, we truly enjoy it. Many of our products are handcrafted and made by us with great care and filled with good intentions. A few local artists works are also showcased by us.

We have a line of gift items that are exciting and unique.  Carrying gemstones, smudge supplies, hand dipped incense and pure essential oils which are only a small part of our great product line.

We have met many wonderful people since opening our shop in 2009, that has been to say the least quite an oddly exciting journey, one can only hope it continues for years to come. Our customers are not just customers, so many have become friends. We love you all and are grateful for our success with our shop and hopefully with this new website. Would like to thank all our customers for helping us achieve our goals. One customer said we should put a sign saying “FREE POSITIVE ENERGY HERE!”