Liquid Smudge Spray


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Liquid Smudge Spray

Liquid Smudge Spray

Use to Cleanse Your Environment. Use when you just can’t burn.
This can be done with the lightest of intentions. Many different belief systems operate with formal procedures that have great ritual attached to them. Use the one that resonates with you or create your own ritual.
1.  The spray is infused with a clear quartz crystal placed into the container. It will keep and become stronger as you store it. It is small enough to fit into the bottle and feel good in your hand when the spray is empty.
2. Spray over your head first, then as you envision your energy clearing, spray the room and immediate area with your liquid smudge. Take a deep breath hold it, ground and connect to the earth then exhale.
3. When you know you are done, imagine the old energy transported up and away from the room, you have now reset the tone of the room to the new energies you have intended.
4. Store your remaining crystal liquid smudging in a cool, dark place.
The benefit of smudging helps lift your spirit, remove negative energies and vibrations that have created patterns or have remained dormant and blocking areas from new energy patterns . I have added Cinnamon to protect your space. You can repeat your smudging exercise when you feel the area could use a lift.
And, yes, you can smudge outside places as well.
Use it in your room, car, hotel room while on vacation, in your office etc.

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